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Table 5 Correlation between VAPI item scores and maximum severity of pain and injection site reactions

From: Development and psychometric validation of a self-administered questionnaire assessing the acceptance of influenza vaccination: the Vaccinees' Perception of Injection (VAPI©) questionnaire

Items of the VAPI questionnaire Injection site reaction reported in the case report form Spearman correlation coefficients (n)
2. Bothered by pain during the vaccination? Pain during injection 0.42 (6,047)
3. Since your vaccination, bothered by pain in your arm? Pain 0.21 (1,917)
4. Bothered by redness? Erythema 0.15 (3,694)
5. Bothered by swelling? Swelling 0.19 (2,272)
6. Bothered by itching? Pruritus 0.18 (1,698)
7. Bothered by hardening (a bump)? Induration 0.16 (2,415)
8. Bothered by bruising? Ecchymosis 0.14 (321)
  1. Spearman correlation coefficients calculated between the VAPI item scores and the maximum severity of pain during injection, and pain and injection site reaction reported for 8 days after injection; Ntotal = 6,092