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Table 3 Advice to improve HRQoL measurements in clinical practice

From: Logistic feasibility of health related quality of life measurement in clinical practice: results of a prospective study in a large population of chronic liver patients

Technical issues
• For psychometric purposes, computerized questionnaires should resemble pen-and-paper versions as closely as possible
• Hire an IT expert
• Allow for development costs
Logistical issues
• Location in the vicinity of the waiting room area (ideally the computer can be seen from the waiting room area)
• Enough privacy
• Availability of internet/network connection
• Easily accessible to patients
Optimal patient participation
• use of a touch-screen computer
• very easy log-on procedure, eg. scanning the patient's punch card
• questionnaires in multiple languages
• short questionnaires
• HRQoL assessment is considered part of clinical routine
• Physicians and front desk employees ask patients to complete the questionnaires
Optimal physician participation
• HRQoL data embedded in the existing patient information system
• Add screening for depression
• Bring in a local clinical leader as a spokesman for the importance of HRQoL measurement
• Provide clear data output and clear instructions on how to interpret the data
• Make clear that the data should not be used as clear cut-off points for treatment of referral decisions, but rather as a base for more directed discussion of psychosocial topics
• Provide management options