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Table 4 Pearson correlation coefficients of performances of Child-OIDP index (n = 342)

From: Child-OIDP index in Brazil: Cross-cultural adaptation and validation

  Eating Speaking Cleaning Mouth Sleeping Smiling Emotional status Studying Social Contact
Eating 1        
Speaking 0.12b 1       
Cleaning mouth 0.30a 0.10c 1      
Sleeping 0.17a 0.18a 0.10c 1     
Smiling 0.23a 0.17a 0.32a 0.01c 1    
Emotional status 0.04c 0.17a 0.20a 0.05c 0.25a 1   
Studying 0.18a 0.14b 0.15a 0.29a 0.21a 0.00c 1  
Social contact 0.08c 0.23a 0.20a 0.07c 0.21a 0.24a 0.25a 1
  1. a p < 0.01
  2. b p < 0.05
  3. c Not significant