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Table 3 Scale level CVI (S-CVI/Ave) for elements of the IDUQOL measure and manual

From: Injection Drug User Quality of Life Scale (IDUQOL): Findings from a content validation study

IDUQOL Element S-CVI/Ave
Appropriateness of IDUQOL Life Areas (20 items)a 0.97
Clarity of IDUQOL Life Area Names (20 items)b 0.99
Clarity of IDUQOL Life Area Descriptions (20 items)b 0.98
Clarity of Title and Target Population (2 items)b 0.92
Ease of Administration Procedure (4 items)b 1.00
Ease of Response Formats (2 items)b 0.83
Ease of Scoring Procedure (3 items)b 0.94
Helpfulness of Provided Examples (3 items)b 1.00
Ease of the Record Form to Use (1 item)b 1.00
  1. a Ratings were made on a 3-point scale. b Ratings were made on a 4-point scale.
  2. Note. Ease of Record Form result is the same as the individual level findings; this element is included here for completeness. For S-CVI/Ave, the minimum acceptable value is .90. A scale level ADM Index could not be applied here as it requires scales comprised of essentially parallel items.