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Table 1 Patient reported outcomes referred to, constructs measured and populations for which they are validated

From: Quality of life in age-related macular degeneration: a review of the literature

Measure Country of origin Actually measures Validated for MD or closest population
Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) [13] Denmark       elderly
SF-36 [14] USA     √*   elderly
W-BQ12 [15] UK      √*   MD
HUI-3 [25] Canada      community
EQ5D (EuroQol) [27] Europe      community
Instrumental Activities of Daily Living scale (IADL) [30] USA       MD
Sickness Impact Profile (SIP) [31] UK      Elderly
Sickness Impact Profile for vision (SIPv) [32] UK      Retinal disease
Activities of Daily Vision Scale (ADVS) [33] USA       MD
14-item Vision Function Questionnaire (VF-14) [34] USA       MD
Daily Living Tasks Dependent on Vision (DLTV) [36] UK       MD, cataract
Low vision QoL (LVQOL) [37] UK      mixed sample including MD
National Eye Institute Vision Function Questionnaire (NEI-VFQ25, 39, 51) [38] USA      MD
Measure of the Impact of MD on QoL (MacDQoL) [42, 44] UK       MD
Profile of Mood States (POMS) [65] USA      √*   elderly
Quality of Well-being Scale (QWB) [66] USA       elderly
Diagnostic and statistical manual (DSMIV) [69] USA       adults
Functional Vision Screening Questionnaire (FVSQ) [71] USA       Vision impaired
Community Disability Scale (CDS) [72] USA       adults
Life Satisfaction Index – Wellbeing [87] UK       elderly
General Health Questionnaire [110] UK      √*   elderly
Positive and Negative Affect Scale [131] USA      √*   adults
Vision-related QoL (VQOL) [117] UK      Vision impaired
Manchester Low Vision Questionnaire (MLVQ) [118] UK       MD
Geriatric Depression Scale [115] UK       elderly
Psychological General Well-being Index (PGWB) [123] USA      √*   adults
Multilevel Assessment Instrument (MAI) [132] USA       elderly
Freiburg Inventory on Coping with Illness [133] Germany coping       adults
  1. * indicates that both negative and positive well-being are measured