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Table 1 The number of items proceeding to each step of the analysis The number of and examples of items removed at each stage of the psychometric analysis.

From: The AMC Linear Disability Score project in a population requiring residential care: psychometric properties

Stage of analysis Number of items removed Reason for removal Examples
  1 Concerns about the way the item was presented  
(a) 28 < 10% or > 90% of responses in 'cannot' Reaching for a cup and taking a sip of water
Combing hair at a sink
Cycling on a heavily laden bicycle
(b) 26 Significant difference between M and F and/or under and over 85 years Washing up (easier for older respondents)
Crossing the street (easier for younger respondents
Preparing a warm meal (easier for female respondents)
(c) 26 Item fit p-value < 0.01 or estimates of β i not stable Taking oral medication
Getting money out of the bank using an ATM
In item bank 79   See Table 2
Total 160