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Table 1 Definition of VI and blindness according to the World Health Organisation and the International Classification of Disease (ICD-10) currently applied in Germany (based on Snellen charts)

From: What explains health in persons with visual impairment?

WHO category of VI VA with best possible correction ICD-10-GM
  Maximum less than Minimum equal to or better than  
Mild or no VI (0)   20/63 Mild or no VI
Moderate VI (1) 20/63 20/200 Moderate VI
Severe VI (2) 20/200 1/20 Severe VI
Blindness (3) 1/20 1/50 High-grade VI
Blindness (4) 1/50 Light perception Blindness
Blindness (5) No light perception No light perception Blindness
  1. VI = visual impairment; VA = visual acuity.