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Table 4 Impact of neuropathic pain

From: Are treatment benefits in neuropathic pain reflected in the self assessment of treatment questionnaire?

Impact on daily activities Illustrative quotation PHN PDPN HIV-AN All
   (n=8) (n=20) (n=16) (N=44)
Affects ability to do activities 01-104-2-0: I mean it-it-it’s bad. It hurts, uh, so bad that, you know, sometimes I can’t get up. I can’t walk.… You can’t do anything. And, you know, you do whatever and you just sit there and do nothing. 4 12 11 27
(50%) (60%) (69%) (61%)
03-102-2-0: When I-when I go into, um-when I-when my pain starts, yeah, absolutely, I can't do anything. I can't think.
05-104-30: Um, because I can't really do the things that I really want to do.
05-105-3-0: Well, be-it bothers me because I can't get this stuff done I need to get done…And I couldn't cook for the children, I didn't go to the grocery store, so there's nothing really there for them to make when I'm not able to fix them something their selves. So that really bothers me because then I really got to get
up and, uh, it really hurts. You know what I'm saying, I got to get up.
Interrupts Activities 01-102-2-0: If I’m trying to do something and it comes on, it interrupts what I’m doing and then, of course, I have to stop and wait ‘til it quits hurting and then continue with whatever I was doing. So, consequently, I don’t do near all the things that I used to do. 2 5 1 8
(25%) (25%) (6%) (18%)
02-101-1-0: It really doesn't affect anything, I just have to stop certain things after a certain time.
04-104-2-0: Well, it stops me from doing a lot of, uh, walking and doing things that I'm doing, I have to stop.
Avoid doing activities 03-103-2-0: I try not to walk much, I always try to find a way to sit down where it's best to put my feet up. 1 4 2 7
(13%) (20%) (13%) (16%)
06-101-2-1: Well, if-if I'm going any place, you know, that I have to do any walking or-I tend not to-to go if I can help it, you know.
  08-101-3-1: Well, socially and personally, it goes back to do-being able to do the little things that-uh, that causes me to be afraid.