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Table 3 Pain descriptions

From: Are treatment benefits in neuropathic pain reflected in the self assessment of treatment questionnaire?

Pain description Illustrative quotation PHN PDPN HIV-AN All
   (n=8) (n=20) (n=16) (N=44)
Burning 02-102-1-0: It's always like burning, I don't know how else to say, but it feels like even clothes touching, it's burning. Apparently it's not, but that's what it feels like. 4 7 2 13
(50%) (35%) (12%) (30%)
04-105-1-0: When it gets really bad and it will burn. Feel like its hot burning.
Numb 05-102-3-0: It’s a tingling ah in your feet and it goes up to your um ankle and then it’s like numbness like you don’t feel nothing. You can be walking with flip-flaps and the next day you know you think you still have your shoes on, and you’re walking out in your bare feet. 0 8 4 12
(0%) (40%) (25%) (27%)
Sharp 01-102-2-0: It just comes on, I mean it’s like a sharp pain and then it just-I usually just try to walk it off or rub it off and then it goes away-and then it returns. 1 3 6 10
(13%) (15%) (38%) (23%)
03-106-2-0: Uh, [clearing throat] it's-it's like when it's very severe it's like I'm-I'm walking on a bed of nails or thumb tacks and it, uh, just tingling and very, very, uh, very painful, sharp, sharp pain.
Pins and Needles 01-101-2-0: Not so much pain as it was pins and needles and little stabbing and numbness. 1 6 2 9
(13%) (30%) (13%) (21%)
03-103-2-0: A pinprick--you know, lots of pins, poking pins kind of a feeling kind of thing, so it's hard pain to describe, but that's as close as I can get.
Throbbing 08-104-3-1: I think the fact that it's when it starts it is-it will kind of throb and throb and throb for a while. 0 2 4 6
   (0%) (10%) (25%) (14%)