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Table 10 Comparison of items deleted as a result of both factor analyses with item prevalence/ranking

From: The development and validation of the major life changing decision profile (MLCDP)

  Item deleted as a result of EFA* % Items ranking Full description of item
  1st EFA 2nd EFA    
Lowest in items prevalence ranking D15 - 0.4 41 I decided to wear a wig/toupee
D10 - 6.1 35 I decided to move to another part of the country
A2 - 6.6 33 I decided to change my study subject
D7 D7 2.8 40 I decided to move from one country to another
D4 D4 6.1 36 I decided not to buy my own home
D14 D14 7.1 32 I wanted to wear make up but decided not to
B9 B9 7.6 34 I decided to become self-employed
C2 C2 8 28 I decided not to have more children
Highest in items prevalence ranking D1 - 71.4 1 I decided to change my eating habits
E1 - 40 8 I decided not to go swimming
D11 - 34.7 10 I decided to wear different types/colour of clothes/shoes
D5 - 19 21 I decided to move my home
B7 - 10.4 24 I decided not to take promotion
C3 - 10 25 I decided not to have any children
- D2 58.5 2 I decided to change my smoking/drinking alcohol habits
- B10 23.3 16 I decided to remain unemployed
E4 E4 48.5 4 I decided to be more physically active
E3 E3 27.1 13 I decided to change to different sporting activities
D6 D6 22.3 19 I wanted to move abroad but decided not to
  E5 E5 12.8 23 I decided to give up driving
  1. * Exploratory Factor Analysis.