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Table 1 Factor loadings of fifteen Impact on Family Scale items; one-factor principal component solution (n = 113)

From: Cross-cultural French adaptation and validation of the Impact On Family Scale (IOFS)

Item label Text (abbreviated) Item loading
IMPU Fatigue is a problem 0.81
IMPK See family and friends less 0.83
IMPJ Need to change plans at last minute 0.76
IMPH Little desire to go out 0.71
IMPR No time for other family members 0.75
IMPV Live from day to day 0.67
IMPI Hard to find reliable person to care for child 0.81
IMPT Family gives up things 0.88
IMPW Nobody understands the burden 0.73
IMPF Can’t travel out of city 0.70
IMPAA Live on roller coaster 0.74
IMPG People treat us special 0.73
IMPX Travel to hospital is a strain 0.58
IMPO Think about not having more children 0.49
IMPM Wonder whether to treat child “specially” 0.65