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Table 3 Mean association (Cramer’s V) across countries between satisfaction with the day before and the 10 items on experienced well-being (five negative and five positive)

From: Construction and validation of a measure of integrative well-being in seven languages: The Pemberton Happiness Index

Experienced well-being Reference item Item Mean Cramer’s V
Positive experiences Satisfaction with the day before Something I did made me proud .33
   I did something fun with someone .36
   I did something I really enjoy doing .38
   I learned something interesting .28
   I gave myself a treat .28
Negative experiences Satisfaction with the day before At times, I felt overwhelmed .29
   I was bored for a lot of the time .32
   I was worried about personal matters .33
   Things happened that made me really angry .33
   I felt disrespected by someone .28