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Table 1 Description of number, origin and criteria for cases included in current analyses

From: Construct validity of the Assessment of Quality of Life - 6D (AQoL-6D) in community samples

  Baseline Follow up Cohort N (group invariance) Overall
Returned both surveys 2149 3234 1261# 2252#   8896
Included in imputation procedure (<25% missing data on imputation model variables) 2127 3168 1234 2171    8700
Complete AQoL data§ (cases used for all reported analyses) 1987 2884 1111 1933 3098 4817 7915
Phase N (temporal invariance) 4871 3044    
  1. # Only one survey booklet was administered at follow-up, these values refer to N participants returning a follow-up survey. § Imputed values for the four mental health subscale items were merged into the original (un-imputed) set for ARMHS baseline participants.