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Table 1 Potential item for the CAT-QoL instrument

From: Developing the draft descriptive system for the child amblyopia treatment questionnaire (CAT-Qol): a mixed methods study

1 Item Category
2 Physical sensation of the treatment (e.g. feeling of the patch/glasses on the face, or the feeling of the drops being instilled) A
3 Pain of treatment (hurt) A
4 Being able to play with other children A
5 How other children have treated them (like laughing or name-calling) A
6 Ability to undertake work at school B
7 Ability to undertake other tasks (like playing on the computer, colouring, playing games, watching TV) B
8 Feeling sad or unhappy B
9 Feeling cross B
10 Feeling worried B
11 Feeling frustrated B
12 Feelings towards family members (like parents or siblings) C
  1. A not; a little bit; a bit; quite a bit; a lot; really.
  2. B not; a little bit; a bit; quite; really; very.
  3. C not; a little bit; a bit; quite a bit; really, very.