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Table 1 HL dimensions and related indicators

From: Health literacy and ethnic disparities in health-related quality of life among rural women: results from a Chinese poor minority area

Dimensions Indicators
Health knowledge Please answer the following questions:
  Is high-salt diet associated with hypertension?
Is obesity associated with hypertension?
Can calcium deficiency be prevented by exposing them to more sunshine?
Must rabies vaccine be injected after one is bitten by domesticated cats or dogs?
Can long-term depressed mood or high stress affect physical health?
Health information presenting skill Please look through the instruction for the medicine and answer the following questions:
  Is this medicine out the date or expired?
How much is the adult dose of the medicine a day?
Can a child aged one and a half years old take this medicine?
How many packages should a child weighting 30 kilograms take a day?
Health belief Do you agree with the following views?
  Health is natural or genetic phenomenon and no one can change it.
I care more about earning a lot of money than about health.
Only people aged 50 and older people need care for their blood pressure.
Healthy people don’t need to have regular physical examination.
Health behavior What do you do in your life?
  Do you take initiative to access health knowledge?
Do you keep some common medicines at home?
What actions do you usually take when you are ill or feel discomfort?