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Table 1 Descriptive statistics for the BBC subjective well-being scale, n = 23,341

From: A UK validation of a general measure of subjective well-being: the modified BBC subjective well-being scale (BBC-SWB)

  M SD
V1. Are you happy with your physical health 2.96 1.014
V2. Are you happy with the quality of your sleep 2.71 1.103
V3. Are you happy with your ability to perform daily living activities 3.29 1.020
V4. Do you feel depressed or anxious 3.46 1.073
V5. Do you feel able to enjoy life 3.17 0.968
V6. Do you feel you have a purpose in life 3.09 1.171
V7. Do you feel optimistic about the future 3.03 1.105
V8. Do you feel in control of your life 2.89 1.062
V9. Do you feel happy with yourself as a person 2.97 1.047
V10. Are you happy with your looks and appearance 2.72 0.976
V11. Do you feel able to live your life the way you want 2.74 1.065
V12. Are you confident in your own opinions and beliefs 3.61 0.980
V13. Do you feel able to do the things you choose to do 3.08 0.974
V14. Do you feel able to grow and develop as a person 3.14 1.065
V15. Are you happy with yourself and your achievements 3.11 1.024
V16. Are you happy with your personal and family life 3.27 1.094
V17. Are you happy with your friendships and personal relationships 3.21 1.031
V18. Are you comfortable about way you relate and connect with others 3.12 1.016
V19. Are you happy with your sex life 2.49 1.258
V20. Are you able to ask someone for help with a problem 2.92 1.150
V21. Are you happy that you have enough money to meet your needs 3.03 1.174
V22.Are you happy with your opportunity for exercise/leisure 3.02 1.137
V23. Are you happy with access to health services 3.54 0.948
V24. Are you happy with your ability to work 3.48 1.045
  1. Note. Variable 4 was reverse scored. All items rated on a 5-point scale, 1 = never to 5 = almost always.