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Table 9 Compliance or Adherence

From: Comparison of the burden of illness for adults with ADHD across seven countries: a qualitative study

  Compliance or Adherence
  Approximately 39 participants reporting (36%)
Canada For me, I feel like being myself, and if I don’t take it on the weekend it’ll help me, because I don’t want to take it for a lifetime, so I want to be able to be myself without it so that there can be this transition. I want to have these good habits and develop good habits, and I don’t see such a difference now between the weekend and the week days.
France You could say I have no memory. I forget to take my medication. […] I didn’t take it during the holidays because I didn’t really want to, I wanted to relax and didn’t need to manage as much. […] Yeah when I have had enough of it. Had enough of the effects it brings.
Germany Yes, I use them very deliberately, very targeted. […] When I know I’m hitting a wall again and if I see that wall building up in front of me for example like I can’t even get up from my chair anymore, can’t actually clear away anymore because I just can’t do it at that moment or because I can’t get started with something […] then I know that I’m in a situation when I have to take half a pill. Because it is just something like a kick starter that gets me going. But I don’t like it if I’m taking something that’s constantly feeding on me the whole day. […] Actually I adjust it to my feelings every day.
Italy I take the drug discontinuously (for example when I have to study or to drive) because sometimes I don’t need it. […] Actually I take it most of the time because I’m a student, but if I go on holiday I don’t need it. I only take it to do certain things, if other things don’t cause tiredness I don’t take it.
The Netherlands And if I have forgotten my pill, sometimes on purpose, I feel very sad or happy the next day. But it’s good feeling sad for a day sometimes. Then I can feel again. When I take my medication every day, every day’s the same.
United Kingdom I find it difficult to stick to routines, so I take them three times a day as I do most of the time, but if I get up early, then that usually throws my schedule, but I do take them all the time. I have at least two of the doses, but I try to go to three. I try to take them as consistently as possible.
United States I don’t take them exactly at a certain time. I just take them on an as needed basis. If I have a task that I have to get accomplished or sometimes after lunch if I ate too much and I feel a little dicey, I’ll take some meds so I can actually get something accomplished in the afternoon hours.