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Table 3 Hyperactive Symptoms

From: Comparison of the burden of illness for adults with ADHD across seven countries: a qualitative study

  Approximately 60 participants reporting (56%)
Canada Hyperactivity, yes, because I used to go to bars and dance all night, and I’d work all day, go to bed at 4 o’clock in the morning whether I took drugs [for treating ADHD] or not. I couldn’t stay in place.
France When I’m in a meeting, I have to move. One problem I had in school was that I’d just get up and walk out.
Germany We had to sit for 7 hours and that was a nightmare. I do everything rather than to sit down quietly. You sit there and get unrestful, how can you cope with it? I find it very hard.
Italy My hyperactivity consists in not being able to do one thing at a time, I always make two things contemporaneously. Being sat down in this chair for 2 hours is a torture for me. […] I continuously change position.
The Netherlands I know that I tend to exhaust myself. […] Sometimes you have 20 or 30 ideas a day, and they will keep you busy for the rest of the day. In the meantime there are also some you try to get done physically. […] And then I’m useless for the next 2 weeks.
United Kingdom I used to go dancing like five times a week and mum always made sure I had things to do, but I could come home from like a theme park and I’d be like what are we doing now? I’m bored. […] That isn’t normal. […] I was constantly like what are we going to do now?
United States I have to be doing something at all times. […] I always have something. That’s why I can’t sit and watch TV. I always have something I have to do.