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Table 23 Positive Aspects of ADHD

From: Comparison of the burden of illness for adults with ADHD across seven countries: a qualitative study

  Positive Aspects of ADHD
  Approximately 49 participants reporting (45%)
Canada I don’t know. You get a lot done, you know? So my life is really fulfilling. I don’t know. I think the way my life went was more traumatizing than the condition.
France Maybe it sounds strange, but for me, impulsiveness is almost a good quality. If you’re impulsive, it means that you say what you do and do what you say. You’re more natural. You’re not trying to be Mr. Everyman, you’re not a sheep in the herd. You’re imposing your point of view.
Germany I think I can do much more work with my condition and who knows and if I’m out and about then it is good that I’ve got this extra energy this overabundance of energy if it is not about fine details and fine tuning.
Italy It’s not true. We know what we like. Maybe you are not ADHD and you like going cycling, another one may like skiing. We have this individuality as well. And if we like something we are very good, not good, very good. If we don’t like doing something, it’s really hard. In order to do something well, ADHD people don’t need a motivation, but a supermotivation, a further step rather than motivation. When there’s a supermotivation we are exceptional.
The Netherlands Yes, I would. I’ve just experienced so many weird and fun things, and you wouldn’t have if you don’t have it. It’s not like a life without ADHD is more boring by definition, but I know for sure that your life can be a lot more fun with ADHD.
United Kingdom Yes, you’re sparky, being fearless, just doing really crazy stuff sometimes, not feeling inhibitions. In the positive sense, not the negative sense, and being able to be creative and see through things and you know, laugh about stuff normal people probably, well people whatever, who wouldn’t usually laugh about, just silly, quirky little things.
United States But I wouldn’t give away the creative part, where I can see outside of the box. I enjoy that. I enjoy my interest in different things. I enjoy being able to see different possibilities that other people don’t even think of, the creative aspect.