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Table 1 Description of included studies

From: Evaluating the responsiveness of the Warwick Edinburgh Mental Well-Being Scale (WEMWBS): Group and individual level analysis

Evaluators Population Age Sex Intervention Duration of intervention
Perth and Kinross Local Authority Unpaid carers Adults Mixed Complementary therapy to support emotional health and well-being 12 weeks
Foundation for Positive Mental Health Healthy self referred working adults 30-65 Mixed Self help audio intervention 12 weeks
Family Links Healthy Parents 30-40 Mixed Group-based parenting programme 10 weeks
Body and Mind, Coventry and Warwickshire Mind Individuals with schizophrenia, bipolar, depression and anxiety disorders Adults Mixed 1-1 sessions providing nutritional advice, physical activity and relaxation therapy 12 weeks
Parenting Early Intervention Pathfinder (PEIP) Healthy parents of children with problem behaviour Adults Mixed Three parenting programmes: Triple P, Incredible Years and Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities 8-12 weeks
Recovery through Healthy Living Evaluation, Warwick Medical School Patients with mental illness attending psychiatric day hospital. Adults Mixed Recovery programmes 12 weeks
Up for it? Healthy self referred adults Adults Mixed Health and lifestyle intervention programme offering; weight management, stress management, physical activity and stop smoking. 6 weeks
Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership Healthy self referred adults 40-60 Mixed Impact of walking in promoting positive mental health 8 weeks
PsyWell RCT, Warwick Medical School Self referred adults Adults Mixed Internet based CBT skills training programme 5 weeks
Mindfulness in Schools RCT [43], Cambridge Medical School Healthy adolescents 14-15 Male Mindfulness training covering the principles and practice of mindfulness meditation. 4 weeks
NHS Mental Health OP clinic, Bath Individuals with Schizophrenia Adults Mixed Provision of Clozapine monitoring services by different cadres of health professionals 12 weeks
Mental Health Research Unit, Derby University Healthy recruited adults Adults Mixed Compassion computer game, involving repeatedly searching for and finding a compassionate face amongst an array of distractor faces 1 week