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Table 2 Floor and ceiling effects of the questionnaires The percentage of patients reporting worst possible score (floor effect) / best possible score (ceiling effect) for the RAOS, the SF-36, the AIMS2 and the HAQ at baseline.

From: Validation of the Rheumatoid and Arthritis Outcome Score (RAOS) for the lower extremity

Questionnaire Floor/Ceiling Questionnaire Floor/Ceiling
RAOS   SF-36  
Pain 0/3 Physical Function 4/1
Symptoms 0/2 Role Physical 64/10
ADL 0/2 Bodily Pain 7/1
Sport/Rec 37/1 General Health 2/1
QOL 3/1 Vitality 5/1
AIMS2 Walking / Bending 10/0 Social Functioning 1/21
Arm Function 1/18 Role Emotional 36/42
Arthritis Pain 5/1 Mental Health 1/4
Level of Tension 0/4 HAQ 0/3