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Table 5 Factor analysis of HIV-KQ-18 Bahasa Indonesia

From: Adaptation and validation of the HIV Knowledge Questionnaire-18 for the general population of Indonesia

Item Description Loading factor Cronbach’s alpha
Factor 1 Factor 2
9 People are likely to get HIV by deep kissing, putting their tongue in their partner’s mouth, if their partner has HIV 0.97 0.33 0.75
2 A person can get HIV by sharing a glass of water with someone who has HIV 0.96 0.27  
16 A person can get HIV by sitting in a hot tub or a swimming pool with a person who has HIV 0.80 0.01  
7 People who have been infected with HIV quickly show serious signs of being infected 0.62 0.11  
6 All pregnant woman infected with HIV quickly show serious signs of being infected 0.54 0.25  
1 Coughing and sneezing do not spread HIV 0.49 0.06  
8 There is a vaccine that can stop adults from getting HIV 0.40 0.37  
15 Taking a test for HIV one week after having sex will tell a person if she or he has HIV 0.39 0.28  
11 There is a female condom that can help decrease a woman's chance of getting HIV 0.30 0.04  
17 A person can get HIV from oral sex 0.39 0.73 0.71
10 A woman cannot get HIV if she has sex during her period 0.18 0.66  
4 A woman can get HIV if she has anal sex with a man 0.15 0.62  
3 Pulling out the penis before a man climaxes/cums keeps a woman from getting HIV during sex 0.05 0.59  
18 Using vaseline or baby oil with condoms lowers the chance of getting HIV 0.08 0.58  
13 A person will not get HIV if she or he is taking antibiotics 0.30 0.57  
5 Showering, or washing one's genitals/private parts, after sex keeps a person from getting HIV 0.25 0.48  
14 Having sex with more than one partner can increase a person's chance of being infected with HIV 0.27 0.46  
12 A natural skin condom works better against HIV that does a latex condom 0.23 0.41