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Table 3 Item-test correlations and Cronbach's alpha coefficients (N = 293)

From: Analysis of the psychometric properties of the Sense of Coherence scale (SOC-13) in patients with cardiovascular risk factors: a study of the method effects associated with negatively worded items

Item Corrected item-total correlation Alpha if item deleted
1. Do you have the feeling that you really don't care about what is going on around you? 0.268 0.789
2. Has it happened in the past that you were surprised by the behavior of people whom you thought you knew well? 0.401 0.777
3. Has it happened that people whom you counted on disappointed you? 0.435 0.774
4. Until now, your life has had: no clear goals—very clear goals and purpose 0.207 0.793
5. Do you have the feeling that you are being treated unfairly? 0.477 0.770
6. Do you have the feeling that you are in an unfamiliar situation and don't know what to do? 0.521 0.766
7. Doing the things you do every day is: a source of deep pleasure and satisfaction—a source of pain and boredom 0.359 0.781
8. Do you have very mixed-up feelings and ideas? 0.510 0.766
9. Does it happen that you experience feelings that you would rather not have to endure? 0.504 0.767
10 Many people, even those with a strong character, sometimes feel like losers in certain situations. How often have you felt this way in the past? 0.437 0.774
11. When certain events occurred, have you generally found that: you overestimated or underestimated their importance-you assessed the situation correctly? 0.323 0.787
12. How often do you have the feeling that there is little meaning in the things you do in your daily life? 0.537 0.767
13. How often do you have feelings that you are not sure you can control? 0.479 0.770