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Table 5 Participants’ perspectives defining HRQoL (N = 22)

From: The concept of HRQoL for patients on hemodialysis in Saudi Arabia: an exploratory study

No. Perspective Frequency per participant Contribution of the perspective to the overall definition of HRQoL
1. Health status 11 HRQoL is the optimum level of health and freedom from dialysis with psychological and social wellbeing
2. Socialization 9 HRQoL is the quality of social relationships, activities and support provided as well as the ability to play the expected social role within the family
3. Psychological wellbeing 2 HRQoL is psychological wellbeing, including happiness and life satisfaction and the absence of psychological disturbance
4. Religiosity 4 HRQoL is achieved through religious beliefs and behaviors in addition to physiological, psychological, and social wellbeing and financial security
5. Financial income 4 HRQoL is the financial security of self and the family
6. Needs satisfaction 3 HRQoL is the satisfaction of actual needs
7. Healthcare services quality 2 HRQoL of patients undergoing hemodialysis is achieved through the quality of healthcare services provided in addition to physiological, psychological and social wellbeing