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Table 2 Learning conditions and life styles of university students during the lockdown

From: Effect of the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown on mental health among post-secondary students in the Grand Est region of France: results of the PIMS-CoV19 study

Learning conditions
Academic program
 Sport, Medical sciences, Science and technology 57.9
 Law, economics, management 17.3
 Arts, humanities, languages 8.5
 Social and human sciences 16.0
Online teaching delivery
 None 20.8
 Partial online teaching 43.2
 Total online teaching 36.0
Time working at home
 No change 29.2
 Increased time working 20.1
 Reduced time working 50.7
Postponement of final competition (Yes) 13.4
Life styles
Frequency of exiting the home during lockdown
 Several times a day 4.2
 Once a day 10.9
 Several times a week 18.4
 Once a week 19.0
 Never or less than once a week 47.5
Alcohol consumption
 None 34.4
 No change 16.8
 Increased consumption 13.7
 Reduced consumption 35.1
Tobacco consumption
 None 83.4
 No change 3.0
 Increased consumption 7.2
 Reduced consumption 6.4