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Table 1 Sociodemographic and living characteristics of post-secondary students in Grand Est region of France during the COVID-19 lockdown, May 7 to 17, 2020

From: Effect of the COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown on mental health among post-secondary students in the Grand Est region of France: results of the PIMS-CoV19 study

Age mean (SD) 21.7 (4.0)
 Male 29.3
 Female 70.7
Living arrangements
 Alone 13.9
 With friends or a partner 19.8
 With parents or family member 66.1
Financial aid scholarship
 None 59.5
 Scholarship 40.5
Home location
 Urban area 59.4
 Rural area 40.6
Access to an outside area
 No access 17.2
 Private balcony, courtyard or terrace 15.5
 Private domestic garden 60.1
 Courtyard or garden for collective use 7.3
Difficulty isolating at home
 Yes 25.1
 No 74.9
Tensions and conflicts at home
 Yes 28.3
 No 71.7
Noises outside the home
 Yes 23.5
 No 76.5
Noises inside the home
 Yes 19.8
 No 80.2
Part-time job
 None 69.6
 Activity interrupted during the lockdown 14.4
 Activity increased during the lockdown 7.7
 No change during the lockdown 8.3
Someone infected with SARS-COV2 at home
 No 84.4
 Confirmed and hospitalized cases 0.7
 Confirmed and non-hospitalized cases 3.7
 Suspected cases 11.2
Relative or acquaintance infected with SARS-COV2
 No 49.6
 Confirmed and hospitalized cases 12.0
 Confirmed and non-hospitalized cases 22.4
 Suspected cases 16.0