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Table 1 Description of search strategies and results according to each database

From: Association between spirituality/religiousness and quality of life among healthy adults: a systematic review

Database Combined search terms Boolean operators
PubMed (“spirituality” [Title/Abstract]) OR (“religions” [Title/Abstract]) AND (“quality of life” [Title/Abstract]) OR (“health-related quality of life” [Title/Abstract]) NOT (“patients” [Title/Abstract]) NOT (“disease” [Title/Abstract]) NOT (“caregivers” [Title/Abstract]) NOT (“children” [Title/Abstract]) NOT (“adolescent” [Title/Abstract]), NOT (“elderly” [Title/Abstract])
Web of science TÓPICO: (“spirituality”) OR TÓPICO; (“religions”) AND TÓPICO: (“quality of life”) OR TÓPICO: (“health-related quality of life”) NOT TS = “patients”; NOT TS = “disease;” NOT TS = “caregivers”; NOT TS = “children” NOT TS = “adolescent”; NOT TS = “elderly”
Scopus (TITLE-ABS-KEY (“spirituality”) OR (TITLE-ABS-KEY (“religions”) AND (TITLE-ABS-KEY (“quality of life”) OR (TITLE-ABS-KEY (“health-related quality of life”) AND NOT “patients”; AND NOT “disease;” AND NOT “caregivers”; AND NOT “children” AND NOT “adolescent”; AND NOT “elderly”
Cochrane (“spirituality”): ti,ab,kw OR (“religions”): ti,ab,kw AND (“quality of life”): ti,ab,kw OR (“health-related quality of life”): ti,ab,kw AND NOT “patients”; AND NOT “disease;” AND NOT “caregivers”; AND NOT “children” AND NOT “adolescent”; AND NOT “elderly”
BDTD “espiritualidade” All fields; “religiosidade” All fields; “qualidade de vida” All fields; “qualidade de vida relacionada à saúde Todos os campos Not applicable
Open grey “spirituality” AND “quality of life” Not applicable