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Table 3 Table of items identified from the inductive content analysis

From: Evaluation of the Oxford Hip Score: Does it still have content validity? Interviews of total hip arthroplasty patients

Main item General items Sub-items
Patient views on everyday life when undergoing total hip arthroplasty Pain Pain in general
Nightly pain
Use of pain medication
Daily variation in pain
Diverted pain caused by the hip
Repayment of pain after activities
Sudden pain episodes
Stiffness/mobility of the leg
Walking Walking distance
Walking pace
Uneven terrain
Walking aid
Physical activities Cycling
Climbing ladders
Sport (fitness, table tennis, tennis, badminton, soccer, golf, dancing, gymnastics, skiing, hunting)
Lifting heavy objects
Functional abilities Bathing
Using the car
Dressing (especially regarding socks)
Ascending/descending stairs
Sitting/standing from a chair
Housework incl. gardening
Lower one-self onto the floor/getting up from the floor
Starting difficulty (after sitting, driving, cycling)
Lying on the operated hip (hard surface)
Quality of life Affecting social life/vacations
Slower pace than normal/the need to rest
Using helping aids/making changes to the house
Performing activities that improve individuals’ quality of life
Psychological health Feels like a burden to others
Overloading the opposite hip
Dislocating the hip/thinks about positioning the body
Survival of the hip
Difference in leg length
Awareness of the hip
Cold weather