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Table 6 Content comparison of assessment tools linked to the component of Environmental Factors of the ICF

From: Comparison of content and psychometric properties for assessment tools used for brain tumor patients: a scoping review

e1 Products and technology           
e110 Products or substances for personal consumption x          1
e115 Products and technology for personal use in daily living x     x   x    3
e120 Products and technology for personal indoor and outdoor mobility and transportation xxx       x    2
e3 Support and relationships           
e310 Immediate family xxx       x x   3
e315 Extended family xxx       x x   3
e320 Friends xxx       x x   3
e325 Acquaintances, peers, colleagues, neighbors and community members x          1
e330 People in positions of authority x          1
e335 People in subordinate positions x          1
e340 Personal care providers and personal assistants xxx       x x   3
e345 Strangers x          1
e350 Domesticated animals x          1
e355 Health professionals x       x x   3
e4 Attitudes           
e410 Individual attitudes of immediate family members         x   1
e415 Individual attitudes of extended family members         x   1
e420 Individual attitude of friends         x   1
e5 Services, systems and policies           
e575 General social support services, systems and policies x          1
e580 Health services, systems and policies xxx          1
Total 15 0 0 0 1 0 7 8 0  
  1. x = 1 or 2 items included, xxx = 3 or more items included