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Table 4 Content comparison of assessment tools linked to the component of Body Functions and Structures of the ICF

From: Comparison of content and psychometric properties for assessment tools used for brain tumor patients: a scoping review

Body functions           
b1 Mental functions           
b110 Consciousness functions     x       1
b114 Orientation functions   xxx         1
b117 Intellectual functions       x     1
b126 Temperament and personality functions    x      xxx   2
b130 Energy and drive functions    xxx      x x 3
b134 Sleep functions    x      x   2
b140 Attention functions   x x   x x   x   5
b144 Memory functions   x x   x    x   4
b152 Emotional functions    xxx       xxx 2
b156 Perceptual functions   x   x   x   x   4
b160 Thought functions   x     x   x   3
b164 High level cognitive functions       x     1
b167 Mental functions of language   xxx   x     x   3
b172 Calculation functions   x         1
b176 Mental functions of sequencing complex movements   x         1
b2 Sensory functions and pain           
b210 Seeing functions     xxx   x     2
b260 Proprioceptive function     x     x   2
b265 Touch function         xxx   1
b270 Sensory functions related to temperature and other stimuli         x   1
b280 Sensation of pain    x x     x x 4
b4 Functions of the cardiovascular, haematological, immunological and respiratory systems           
b440 Respiration functions    x        1
b455 Exercise tolerance functions    xxx        1
b5 Functions of digestive, metabolic and endocrine systems           
b510 Ingestion functions    x        1
b525 Defecation functions    x   x   x    3
b535 Sensations associated with the digestive system    x      x   2
b6 Genitourinary and reproductive functions           
b620 Urination functions     x x   x    3
b7 Neuromusculosceletal and movement related functions           
b730 Muscle power functions    x xxx     x x 4
b740 Muscle endurance functions     x       1
b760 Control of voluntary movement functions     x     x   2
b780 Sensations related to muscles and movement functions         x   1
b8 Functions of the skin and related structures           
b840 Sensation related to the skin     x     x   2
b850 Functions of hair     x       1
Total   0 8 13 12 4 6 2 17 4  
Body structures           
s730 Structure of upper extremity         x   1
s750 Structure of lower extremity         x   1
Total   0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0  
  1. x = 1 or 2 items included, xxx = 3 or more items included