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Table 4 Ranking of the different health states according to values elicited with SG and RS. Grey background highlights the differences in ranking

From: Quality of life and health-related utility after trans-oral surgery for head and neck cancers

Order # SG ordering (low to high) RS ordering (low to high)
1 Palliative care Palliative care
2 Distant recurrence Distant recurrence
3 Local recurrence (intervention needed) Local recurrence (intervention needed)
4 local recurrence (RT or CRT needed) local recurrence (RT or CRT needed)
5 Osteo-radio-necrosis Osteo-radio-necrosis
6 CRT after intervention Esopharyngeal stenosis
7 Esopharyngeal stenosis CRT after intervention
8 RT after intervention Regional recurrence
9 Tracheotomy long duration Tracheotomy long duration
10 Regional recurrence Re-intervention
11 Re-intervention RT after intervention
12 TLM/TORS intervention (first month) Hospital re-admission for febrile neutropenia
13 post-operative hemorrhages Pharyngo-cutaneous fistula
14 Gastrostomy Gastrostomy
15 Pharyngo-cutaneous fistula post-operative hemorrhages
16 Hospital re-admission for febrile neutropenia TLM/TORS intervention (first month)
17 Remission after TORS/TLM + adjuvant Remission after TORS/TLM + adjuvant
18 remission after TORS/TLM remission after TORS/TLM