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Table 1 The health states to be valued with UCs

From: Quality of life and health-related utility after trans-oral surgery for head and neck cancers

Health state ID State label SNOMED code(s)*
1 TLM / TORS and lymph node resection 10724008|Microsurgery|118438002|Trans-oral approach|
2 The same as above, but for a re-intervention 64695001|Repeat elective|10724008|Microsurgery|118438002|Trans-oral approach|
3 Radiotherapy (RT) after surgery 169351001|Radiotherapy: infuse head/neck|262061000|Postoperative|
4 Chemo-radiotherapy (CRT) after surgery 169400008|Chemo-radiotherapy: IV|262061000|Postoperative|
5 Tracheotomy long duration 48387007|Tracheotomy|
6 Gastrostomy 54956002|Gastrostomy
7 Pharyngo-cutaneous fistula 232413009|Pharyngocutaneous fistula|
8 Hospital re-admission for febrile neutropenia 409089005|Febrile neutropenia|
9 Esopharyngeal stenosis 232372008|Nasopharyngeal stenosis|
10 Osteo-radio-necrosis 109333005|Osteoradionecrosis|
11 Post-operative hemorrhages 110265006|Postoperative hemorrhage|
12 Remission after TORS/TLM 277022003|Remission|10724008|Microsurgery|118438002|Trans-oral approach|
13 Remission after TORS/TLM + adjuvant 277022003|Remission|10724008|Microsurgery|118438002|Trans-oral approach|169400008|Chemo-radiotherapy: IV|
14 Local recurrence (intervention needed) 25173007|Recurrent tumor|255470001|Local|64695001|Repeat elective|
15 Local recurrence (RT or CRT needed) 25173007|Recurrent tumor|255470001|Local|169400008|Chemo-radiotherapy: IV|
16 Regional recurrence 25173007|Recurrent tumor|410674003|Regional
17 Distant recurrence 25173007|Recurrent tumor|261007001|Distant
18 18- Palliative care 103735009|Palliative care|
  1. *Post-coordination[30] has been used for states that are not natively covered in SNOMED