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Table 2 Summary of findings as per tenet of the WHOQOL and the sub-population

From: Mothers’ quality of life delivering kangaroo mother care at Malawian hospitals: a qualitative study

Type of client Tenets of the WHOQOL framework Implications
Physical health Level of independence Social relationships and psychological state Environment
Mothers Tiring position    Boredom May have interrupted KMC sessions
There is a need to create activities that can occupy the mother other than KMC
There is a need to make allowance for other family members to assist in the provision of KMC
There is a need for continuous training on how to handle a baby
  Fearful to handle a small baby    
Health care workers   Restricted Movements especially on self-care and food preparations Stressful experience Lack of edutainment Interrupted KMC by the mothers and likely abscondment from the facility-based KMC
Have edutainment and handicrafts in the facilities and lobby for more space for KMC
Allow other family members to freely visit while safeguarding the privacy of other patients
    Isolation Lack of handicraft
     Inadequate space for KMC
Fathers    Loneliness for the mother   Psychological stress on the mother
Allow the male partner to visit and interact and assist the mother