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Table 1 Secondary analysis coding framework

From: Mothers’ quality of life delivering kangaroo mother care at Malawian hospitals: a qualitative study

Domain code Description
Physical Issues around pain and discomfort, energy and fatigue, sexual activity, sleep and rest, and/or sensory functions
Psychological Issues around positive feelings, thinking, learning, memory and concentration, self-esteem, bodily image, and appearance, and/or negative feelings
Level of independence Issues around mobility, activities of daily living, dependence on medicinal or non-medicinal substances, communication capacity, and/or work capacity
Social relationships Issues around personal relationships and practical social support, activities as provider/supporter
Environment Issues around freedom, physical safety, and security, home environment, work satisfaction, financial resources, accessibility and quality of health and social care, opportunities for acquiring new information and skills, participation and opportunities for recreation/leisure activities, physical environment such as pollution, noise, traffic and climate and/or transport
Other Spirituality, religion, personal beliefs, overall quality of life, and general health perceptions