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Table 4 Psychometric properties of family quality of life measures—population specific/generic

From: Family reported outcomes, an unmet need in the management of a patient's disease: appraisal of the literature

Name of the measure/ key references Country Internal consistency (Cronbach’s alpha) Test–retest Content Construct/convergent Construct/divergent/discriminant Criterion MID Responsiveness/sensitivity to change
1. PedsQLTM family impact module Varni et al. [143]
Scarpelli [153]
USA Yes, (α = 0.97) Yes, r = 0.81 to 0.96 NF Yes NF NF NF NF
2. Impact on-Family Scale (15-item) Stein et al. [144]; Jalil et al. [146] USA Yes, (α = 0.73) Yes, r = 0.9 Yes Yes NF NF NF NF
3. Beach centre Family Quality of life Posten et a. [6]; Park et al. [147]; Hoffman et al. [154]; Waschl et al. [155]; Rivard et al. [156] USA Yes, α = 0.88–0.94 Yes, for subscale of importance r = 0.41–0.82, for satisfaction subscale, r = 0.60–0.77 Yes Yes Yes, divergent and discriminant NF NF Yes (French version)
4. CareQoL Brouwer et al. [148]; Hoeffman et al. [157]
McCaffrey et al. [158]
Netherlands Yes, α = 0.65 Yes, Carer 7D r = 0.55–0.94 and Carer VAS, r = 0.86 NF Yes Yes, discriminant NF NF NF
5. Family Quality of life survey 2006 Isaac et al. [149]; Perry and Isaac [150], Samuel et al. [151] Canada Yes, α = 0.55–0.78 NF Yes Yes NF Yes NF NF
6. Family Reported Outcome Measure (FROM-16) Golics et al. [152] UK Yes, α = 0.80–0.89 r = 0.85–0.92 Yes Yes NF Yes NF NF