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Table 1 Modifications suggested for VHNSS 2.0 items by the expert committee and translators

From: Translation and cross-cultural adaption of the Chinese version of the Vanderbilt Head and Neck Symptom Survey version 2.0: a tool for oral symptom assessment in head and neck cancer patients

Item Original version Back-translation Translated and adapted version (Chinese) Rationale
1st Directions By checking the appropriate box by Choosing an appropriate option 通过选择一个合适的选项 Clearer and more informal
1 I currently have a feeding tube in place Are you using a feeding tube in place now 你正在使用营养饲管吗 Clearer and more informal
In general, a “0” indicates the least amount of problems with a particular symptom and “10” indicates the most problems In general “0” indicates the absence of a symptom and “10” indicates the maximum presence of symptom 一般来说, 0表示没有相关症状, 10表示症状最严重 The substitution of the term “amount” by “presence” makes the sentence most objective
3 like Ensure® or Boost® Like milk or nutrison 比如牛奶或能全素 In China, Ensure® or Boost® are rarely seen in the market. we commonly use milk or nutrison for nutritional supplement
6 like water, tea and Ensure® like Plain boiled water, tea and milk 比如白开水, 茶或者牛奶 More informal word, culturally
16 Problems with dry mouth affect my ability to sleep Problems with dry mouth make you unable to sleep well 口干导致你睡眠不好 Facilitates understanding
27,39, 40, 41, 42, 43 Not applicable Not applicable for you 不适用你 Clearer
49 I have limitations in the ability to open or move my jaw You have limitations in the ability to open your mouth or move your jaw 你张口或者移动下颌会受限 Facilitates understanding and Culturally adequate
  1. VHNSS 2.0, Vanderbilt Head and Neck Cancer Symptom Survey version 2.0