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Table 3 Patients Classification of Global Quality of Life (QOL)

From: Quality of life after total laryngectomy: impact of different vocal rehabilitation methods in a middle income country

UW-QOLv4 Global QuestionsCategoriesn (%)
Compared to the month before you developed cancer, how would you rate your health-related quality of life?Much better37 (38,9)
Somewhat better22 (23,2)
About the same27 (28,4)
Somewhat worse7 (7,4)
Much worse2 (2,1)
In general, would you say your health-related quality of life during the past 7 days has been:Outstanding18 (18,9)
Very good16 (16,8)
Good41 (43,2)
Fair20 (21,1)
Poor0 (0,0)
Very poor0 (0,0)
Overall quality of life includes not only physical and mental health, but also many other factors, such as family, friends, spirituality, or personal leisure activities that are important to your enjoyment of life. Considering everything in your life that contributes to your personal well-being, rate your overall quality of life during the past 7 days.Outstanding20 (21,1)
Very good15 (15,8)
Good44 (46,3)
Fair16 (16,8)
Poor0 (0,0)
Very poor0 (0,0)