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Table 2 Scores for the University of Washington Quality of Life Questionnaire (n = 95)

From: Quality of life after total laryngectomy: impact of different vocal rehabilitation methods in a middle income country

UW-QOLv4 DomainCategoriesn (%)
PainI have severe pain, not controlled by medication0 (0,0)
I have severe pain controlled only by prescription medicine0 (0,0)
I have moderate pain - requires regular medication16 (16,8)
There is mild pain not needing medication13 (13,7)
I have no pain66 (69,5)
AppearanceI cannot be with people due to my appearance1 (1,1)
I feel significantly disfigured and limit my activities due to my appearance0 (0,0)
My appearance bothers me but I remain active11 (11,6)
The change in my appearance is minor49 (51,6)
There is no change in my appearance34 (35,8)
ActivityI am usually in bed or chair and don’t leave home0 (0,0)
I don’t go out because I don’t have the strength0 (0,0)
I am often tired and have slowed down my activities although I still get out13 (13,7)
There are times when I can’t keep up my old pace, but not often40 (42,1)
I am as active as I have ever been.42 (44,2)
RecreationI can’t do anything enjoyable0 (0,0)
There are severe limitations to what I can do, mostly I stay at home and watch TV6 (6,3)
There are many times when I wish I could get out more, but I’m not up to it10 (10,5)
There are a few things I can’t do but I still get out and enjoy life35 (36,8)
There are no limitations to recreation at home or away from home44 (46,3)
SwallowingI cannot swallow because it “goes down the wrong way” and chokes me2 (2,1)
I can only swallow liquid food3 (3,2)
I cannot swallow certain solid foods40 (42,1)
I can swallow as well as ever50 (52,6)
ChewingI cannot even chew soft solids2 (2,1)
I can eat soft solids but cannot chew some foods25 (26,3)
I can chew as well as ever68 (71,6)
SpeechI cannot be understood0 (0)
Only my family and friends can understand me.27 (28,4)
I have difficulty saying some words but I can be understood over the phone58 (61,1)
My speech is the same as always10 (10,5)
ShoulderI cannot work or do my hobbies due to problems with my shoulder1 (1,1)
Pain or weakness in my shoulder has caused me to change my work / hobbies9 (9,5)
My shoulder is stiff but it has not affected my activity or strength23 (24,2)
I have no problem with my shoulder62 (65,3)
TasteI cannot taste any foods2 (2,1)
I can taste some foods14 (14,7)
I can taste most foods normally22 (23,2)
I can taste food normally57 (60,0)
SalivaI have no saliva1 (1,1)
I have too little saliva17 (17,9)
I can taste most foods normally30 (31,6)
I can taste food normally47 (49,5)
MoodI am extremely depressed about my cancer0 (0,0)
I am somewhat depressed about my cancer9 (9,5)
I am neither in a good mood nor depressed about my cancer10 (10,5)
My mood is generally good and only occasionally affected by my cancer26 (27,4)
My mood is excellent and unaffected by my cancer50 (52,6)
AnxietyI am very anxious about my cancer2 (2,1)
I am anxious about my cancer5 (5,3)
I am a little anxious about my cancer25 (26,3)
I am not anxious about my cancer63 (66,3)