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Table 3 Measurements properties of the WORC adapted into different languages related to Quality Criteria for Measurement Properties of Health Status Questionnaires

From: Cross-cultural adaptions and measurement properties of the WORC (Western Ontario rotator cuff index): a systematic review

StudiesReproducibility (Agreement)Reproducibility (Reliability)Internal ConsistencyResponsivenessConstruct ValidityCeiling and floor effects
China [15]?+??++
Dutch [16]?+?000
Dutch [17]?+?00+
Dutch [18]0+?+?+
French –Canadian [13]?+++++
Japanese [19]?+??+0
Norwegian [20]?+??++
Persian [21]0+?00
Polish [22]0+?+++
Portuguese-Brazilian [ 23]0+?000
Portuguese-Brazilian [24]000000
Spanish [25]0++0+0
Swedish [26]?+?0+
Turkish [27]?+?000
  1. N/A not applicable – The cross-cultural adaptions was not performed, only the clinimetric tests. Questionnaires used in these studies have been previously translated. + Positive rating, − negative rating, 0 no information available;? unclear