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Table 4 Factors associated with quality of life of FCs

From: Factors associated with quality of life of adult patients with acute leukemia and their family caregivers in China: a cross-sectional study

PredictorsSF-36 PCSSF-36 MCS
Adjusted βt-valuepAdjusted βt-valuep
Sex   0.2414.177< 0.001
Educational level0.2043.823< 0.001−0.042−0.7290.467
Understanding of disease0.0240.4520.6520.0380.7050.482
Relationship to patient0.0681.2230.2230.0110.1950.846
Type of caregiving−0.009−0.1660.868−0.022− 0.4000.690
PCS   0.64311.216< 0.001
MCS0.62511.521< 0.001   
Adjusted R20.4780.448
  1. FC family caregiver, SF-36 36-item Short-Form Health Survey, PCS physical component summary, MCS mental component summary