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Table 1 RS detection comparison in changes in SEM parameters between two time points

From: Response shift in health-related quality of life measures in the presence of formative indicators

Type of change Reflective
(Oort’s procedure)
(Our proposal)
Reconceptualization Patt. (Λ1) ≠ Patt. (Λ2) Patt. (Γ1) ≠ Patt. (Γ2)
Reprioritization λi1 ≠ λi2 γi1 ≠ γi2
Reconceptualization (secondary) V(ζ1) ≠ V(ζ2)
Recalibration (uniform) τi1 ≠ τi2
Recalibration (nonuniform) V(εi1) ≠ V(εi2)
True change in means M(η1) ≠ M(η2) f(α1, α2), where α1 = 0
True change in the construct variance V(η1) ≠ V(η2)
  1. Patt. means the pattern of zero and nonzero parameters in the matrix of loadings (Λt) and regression coefficients (Γt); V and M stand for variance and mean. For the meaning of the other symbols, see the description of Eqs. 1 and 2