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Table 2 Key themes related to QOL and service provision

From: “Is this the GVHD?” A qualitative exploration of quality of life issues in individuals with graft-versus-host disease following allogeneic stem cell transplant and their experiences of a specialist multidisciplinary bone marrow transplant service

Themes related to QOL issues in GVHD Themes related to patient experiences of the healthcare service provision
Q1: ‘Restricted as to what I can do’ E1: Personal care and close relationship with BMT nurses
Q2: Troubling symptoms—‘you can sort of get GVHD anywhere’ E2: Efficiency versus long waits—‘On the case straight away’
Q3: Confusion and uncertainty regarding GVHD symptoms—‘Is this the GVHD? E3: Information provision—‘went into it with a bit of a rosy view’
Q4: Unpredictable course and uncertainty regarding the future E4: The role of support groups
Q5: Adapting to the sick role