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Table 5 Construct validity of the Hausa Pain Catastrophizing Scale (n = 200)

From: Development of the Hausa version of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale: translation, cross-cultural adaptation and psychometric evaluation in mixed urban and rural patients with chronic low back pain

Measures Pain Catastrophizing Scale
rho P value Hypothesis confirmed (Yes/no)
FABQ-total 0.42 0.000 Yes
FABQ-physical activity 0.32 0.000 Yes
FABQ-work 0.36 0.000 Yes
Visual Analogue Scale for pain 0.74 0.000 Yes
Oswestry Disability Index 0.35 0.000 Yes
MCS-12 − 0.20 0.004 No
  1. All outcomes are in Hausa. FABQ Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire, rho Spearman’s correlation coefficient, MCS-12 mental component summary