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Table 4 Exploratory factor analysis of the SAQ for stable angina patients after removal of failed items (SAQ-CAN)

From: Psychometric evaluation of a Canadian version of the Seattle Angina Questionnaire (SAQ-CAN)

Hypothesised scale/item Component/factor loadings
Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3 Factor 4
Dressing 0.767    
Walking indoors 0.566    
Showering 0.806    
Walking more than a block   0.631   
Running or jogging   0.888   
Lifting or moving heavy objects   0.779   
Participate in strenuous sports   0.858   
Symptoms of Angina during strenuous activities     0.525
Frequency of symptoms     0.656
Frequency of use of medication     0.481
Satisfaction that everything being done    0.796  
Satisfaction with doctor’s explanation    0.759  
Overall satisfaction with treatment    0.889  
Interference with enjoyment of life?     0.733
Feelings about symptoms persistent     0.705
Worry about heart attach/death     0.494
  1. SAQ Seattle Angina Questionnaire, Factor 1: indoor physical functioning, Factor 2: outdoor physical functioning, Factor 3: treatment experience, Factor 4: angina symptoms burden