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Table 2 Reliability indexes (non-extreme persons and items) and homogeneity

From: Functioning of young patients with cerebral palsy: Rasch analysis of the pediatric evaluation of disability inventory computer adaptive test daily activity and mobility

PEDI-CAT domain Person index Item index Log-likelihood
SEP REL SEP REL X2 (df) p value
Daily activity 4.78 0.96 5.86 0.97 4556.49 (4558) 0.50
Mobility 6.94 0.98 7.61 0.98 2142.17 (2126) 0.39
  1. SEP separation, REL reliability. Numbers represent reproducibility (reliability indexes) and dispersion (separation indexes) of individuals and items along the continua. Reference values for person and item: separation indexes > 2 and reliability indexes > 0.8. X2: Chi-square, df degrees of freedom. Reference values for log-likelihood: p > 0.01