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Table 2 Cross-item analysis summary of the response errors

From: Content validation of the Kamath and Stothard questionnaire for carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis: a cognitive interviewing study

Questions themes Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Q6 Q7 Q8 Q9 Total number of errors for each category across all of the questions
C   E:2 E:5 E:5 P:3 E:4    E:6 E:25
P:3 P:3 P:5   P:1    P:4 P:16
R E:6 E:5 E:3    E:6 E:2 E:1   E:23
P:1 P:1 P:1    P:5     P:8
IR     E:3       E:3
RP       P:1    P:1 P:2
PM E:1        E:2   E:3
Total number of errors for each question: E:7 E:7 E:8 E:8   E:10 E:2 E:3 E:6 E:54
P:1 P:4 P:4 P:5 P:3 P:17    P:5 P:26
  1. E experts, P patients, T total, C comprehension/clarity, R relevance, IR inadequate response definitions, RP reference point, PM perspective modifier