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Table 3 Themes and codes relating to QOL in patients and partners in early dialysis

From: Development of a measure for patients preparing to start dialysis and their partners: The Starting Dialysis Questionnaire (SDQ)

Dialysis expectations  
Quality of life
Patients and partners spoke repeatedly about how their expectations had or had not been met by dialysis. Their primary concerns were on the impact dialysis would have on their QOL and the patient’s health
Accepting dialysis  
Treatment and illness
Actively accepting and control of dialysis
Some patients and partners expressed the importance of accepting dialysis and the changes it brought to both of their lives. Some actively accepted dialysis whereas others seemed resigned to it. The amount of control they thought they had over dialysis and their view of dialysis as part of their future (i.e., whether they hoped for a transplant) factored into how accepting they were of dialysis
Dyadic relationship characteristics  
Awareness of self and other
The analysis highlighted the importance of cohesive patient-partner relationships on their QOL. Those who worked as a team, communicated effectively, were positive, and showed an awareness for the other person seemed to be the least affected by dialysis
  1. QOL quality of life