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Table 5 A list of age-related reviews on quality of life in breast cancer patients (2008–2018)

From: Health-related quality of life in breast cancer patients: review of reviews from 2008 to 2018

Authors [References] Year Main focus Description/analysis No. of databases No. of included studies Performed QA Risk of bias assessment Result(s)
Ballinger and Fallowfield [80] 2009 Assessment of QOL in older patients Review NA 25 No No The long-term survivorship studies indicate that older patients are perhaps better equipped mentally to deal with treatments
Munoz [81] 2010 Quality of life during treatment in young patients Review NA NA No No Patients who undergone mastectomy have worse body image and disturbances in their sexual life. Patients treated with mastectomy and adjuvant chemotherapy are those with the greatest impairment. Also, sexual activity is negatively affected by chemotherapy
Rosenberg and Partridge [82] 2013 QOL related to physical and psychosocial functioning in young premature menopause patients Review NA NA No No Effective strategies as an intervention should be applied to relieve symptoms and improve QOL in younger age groups
Samuel et al. [83] 2016 HRQOL in young black survivors Systematic review 5 6 Yes No Young black BCS generally experience suboptimal HRQOL after breast cancer diagnosis
  1. QA quality appraisal, NA not available, HRQO health-related quality of life, QOL quality of life, BCS breast cancer survivors