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Table 4 Item to scale correlation with each section and LAI total

From: Translation, cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the English Lequesne Algofunctional index in to Bengali

Parameters Non-parametric Spearman’s rank Correlation (ρ)
Sections LAI
  Pain or discomfort 0.66
L1A (pain or discomfort during nocturnal bed rest) 0.38 0.49
L1B (duration of morning stiffness or pain after getting up) 0.50 0.66
L1C (remaining standing for 30 min increases pain) 0.10 0.26
L1D (pain on walking) 0.25 0.37
L1E (pain or discomfort when getting up from sitting position without the help of arms) 0.16 0.36
  Maximum distance walked 0.67
  Activities of daily living 0.77
L3A (can you go up a standard flight of stairs) 0.62 0.70
L3B (can you go down a standard flight of stairs) 0.75 0.78
L3C (can you squat) 0.66 0.70
L3D (can you walk on uneven ground) 0.70 0.74