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Table 2 Examples of three different patient pain profiles

From: Patients’ and clinicians’ perspectives on item importance, scoring, and clinically meaningful differences for the Endometriosis Symptom Diary (ESD) and Endometriosis Impact Scale (EIS)

Patient ID Daily pain not associated with vaginal bleeding Pain prior to/following vaginal bleeding Pain during vaginal bleeding Pain associated with sexual intercourse Patient quotes when asked “Tell me how endometriosis makes you feel physically?”
US-04 Constant mild pain No different to rest of month Severe No different to rest of month “On a daily experience, it’s not that bad. You kind of get used to the pain. It’s when your menstrual cycle comes that it’s really bad”
US-09 Unpredictable: Either no pain or severe pain No different to rest of month No different to rest of month No different to rest of month “Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t.[…] It might flare up, it might not.[…] If it happens, then it happens, and I’m just kind of out of the ballgame at that point”
US-17 Constant moderate pain Severe Severe Severe “…lately it has been pretty doggone constant”